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The Seinemaster is a complete net monitoring solution for purse seiners. Small robust sensors attached to the seine relay information wirelessly to shipboard equipment.

This communication is achieved through Notus' omnidirectional acoustic technology. Acoustic beams are 360° which ensure a reliable data link. An essential & affordable tool for purse seiners that monitors: Depth of the seine Temperature of the seine Sink/Rise rate Distance to the footgear from the vessel. The skipper can see if currents are taking the seine away from or closer to the vessel.

The Seinemaster is the only system on the market to offer this option. And provides these benefits: Avoid pursing too soon More efficient sets in strong currents Avoid hookups on the bottom Find relationship between temperature and catch Know your seine's geometry during the entire set New: Connects to your sounder to display ocean depth

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Gearfinder 700  

The Gearfinder 700 will quickly and efficiently locate your fishing gear during day - to - day fishing operations or whenever your gear may become lost.

The system is easy to operate and install. Simply attach a transponder to your gear and lower the small hydrophone into the sea. These communicate wirelessly to provide accurate range data.

This system: Locates lost gear Speeds up gear recovery in everyday operations Can be used on any type of gear Supports up to one thousand distinct sensors. DISPLAY OPTIONS There are two display options. You can use the LCD on the command unit to view real time data. Locate your gear by ranging in or manual triangulation. Alternatively, an automated triangulation package is available. This Windows based software calculates the exact position of the lost gear.